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July 03, 2009


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Congratulations on your "China Track" blog!

Case#1 well shows Chinese government's intention to strengthen the censorship on information distribution via internet, although the claimed purpose is to protect the youth. Actually, if you type "chengren" ("adults") and "seqing" (porn)-in Chinese, you can find little substance you want to see through google, Yahoo! and Baidu. Google may even show you a blank page. If you use the English words, you will find a lot of websites, but you cannot open them unless you use some kind of proxy (many other websites such as youtube and blogspot are treated the same way). All these show the internet has been pre-filtered without such programs. We already have this kind of programs for free or for sale. Not every family has children living with them. So it is quite understandable that people protest this policy and suspect its real intention, as some other information and data may be blocked without letting them know, also admitted by the program's developers. The constitutional rights of free express should be guaranteed by internet.

It is also interesting to notice the action of the majority computer manufacturers. Only two followed this policy... It seems when they have to make a decision, they tend to satisfy the customers, not the policy makers-at least it is in this case. MIIT is far more arbitrary than strategic in implementing this policy. Anyway, it is interesting to see what the government will do in the next few months.

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